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Thursday, June 7, 2007

California MISSing Angels Bill Passed

Yes Votes
Alquist Calderon Corbett Correa Ducheny Florez Hollingsworth Kehoe Kuehl Lowenthal Maldonado Migden Negrete McLeod Padilla Perata Ridley-Thomas Scott Simitian Steinberg Torlakson Vincent Yee

No Votes
Aanestad Ashburn Cogdill Cox Denham Dutton Harman Machado Margett McClintock Romero Runner Wiggins Wyland

Absent, Abstaining, or Not Voting

Ackerman Battin Cedillo Oropeza

What happens next?

The bill moves to the California Assembly, where the legislative process begins again. The bill will likely be assigned 2, 3 or more committees in the Assembly in the weeks ahead.

Public testimony and support will be allowed -- just like in the Senate.

Assuming the bill passes the various Assembly committees, the Assembly votes. If it passes the Assembly, the bill moves to the Governor to be signed into law.

The bill is *indeed* on the right path. But we continue to need your help. You can see from above, lawmakers are hotly contesting this bill.

Some have called this "hijacking" for political reasons -- namely pro-choice/pro-life. Despite, we celebrate the bill passing the Senate yesterday and people like you helping to support it!

More in the days ahead---

Daryl Logullo
National Legislative Liaison (volunteer)
MISS Foundation

Stillbirth bill sparks squabble in Legislature
By Edwin Garcia
MediaNews Sacramento Bureau
Article Launched: 06/05/2007 01:29:29 AM PDT

SACRAMENTO - It began as a noble idea: Comfort mothers whose babies die at delivery by allowing them to purchase an official California "certificate of stillbirth."

But by the time the state Senate voted - and approved - the measure Monday, it had become a referendum on abortion rights and one of the oddest and messiest fights this year in the Legislature. (continue)

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