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Friday, January 29, 2010

New blogs submitted

A warm welcome to the following bloggers:

Holding on 'Cause I Can't Let Go
Footprints On Our Hearts
The Parker's Paradise*
Loving Cora Rei*
Hope after Miscarriage
Life, Love & Persuit of Our Fairytale
Gott Joy!*
A Dragonfly's Embrace
Our Lives Forever Changed

We have a backlog going back to November, so once again apologies for the time it takes to get through all the new blogs submitted.


The Doula said...

I don't know how you could add this to your blog, but I was awarded a blog award, and wanted to add you so that others who visit my blog can find your important site. If there's a way to add it, it's at my blog,
This isn't spam, I promise. Your work is invaluable and needs to be recognized by even more people. For His Glory, Heidi

fireworksinheaven said...

What e-mail address do i send to to add my blog to this directory? i think this is a AMAZING resource, i lost my son in september, he was 10 weeks old and i have been using my blog as a way to heal emotionally, and have been looking for other blogs to do the same... Great idea and great resource!

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